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    作为中国内地第一位受邀为路易威登 Objets Nomades 旅行家居系列设计产品的设计师,周宸宸以将中国云南层层相叠的梯田及美国亚利桑那州天然雕琢的羚羊谷连接到创作时的潜意识中,去思考其背后自然在千百年年间的锻塑,以及让这些地理风貌长存下去的力量,最终将这种能够对抗时间感的力量贯彻到设计和想法,创作出 Signature 系列,一个冒险的、有创造性精神又优雅的载体,去记录和承载情感、历史。路易威登 Objets Nomades 旅行家居系列的设计灵感均来自品牌长达160年的“旅行艺术”以及对其精髓的重新诠释。而随着时代的变迁,旅行在人们现代的生活当中和一个世纪两个世纪以前已然不同,其实它已经变成了一种“冒险的精神”,而这种“冒险的精神”在生活里又在持续激发着人们。那如何勇敢地、优雅地去进行自我生活和人生的“冒险”,其实这些是周宸宸对于 Objets Nomades 甚至是路易威登的一种理解。具体在这个设计里面体现的是去突破、创新,去创造一种尚不存在的东西,而并不是一个常规的、循规蹈矩的这样的事物。而当拥有了这件器物的时候,它其实无时无刻不在体现着、代表着你所拥有在你人生里面的这种价值观的体现。


    As the first designer in Mainland China invited for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades,Frank Chou connects the stacked rice terraces in Yunnan, and the natural carved Antelope Valley to the subconscious of his creation, thinking about the forging of nature behind them over thousands of years, as well as the power to perpetuate these geographical features, which was ultimately incorporated into the design and ideas of Signature series, an adventurous, creative, spiritual and elegant vehicle to record and convey emotion and history.


    Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades is inspired by the brand's 160-year "art of travel"and reinterpretation of its essence. With the change of times, travel in people's modern life is different from centuries ago, in fact, it is now becoming a "spirit of adventure", and continuing to inspire people. How to live your life bravely and gracefully in life is actually Frank's understanding of Objets Nomades and even Louis Vuitton. What is embodied in this design is to break through and innovate, to create something that does not exist yet, rather than a conventional and rule-abiding thing. When you own this object, it actually represents the values you keep in your life all the time.









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