如何让非硬核健身优雅地明目张胆的出现在人们的生活画面中,是周宸宸此次想尝试的角度。在古典柱式中,男性柱及女性柱融合了对人体自然线条的描摹,将磅礴雄壮与秀丽优雅的气质通过简约的线条勾勒出。而哑铃作为现代人对健康与追求形体美感的工具,在 Bibelot的线条及结构中汲取了立柱的写意灵感,给与系列对人体力与美的自然向往;通过对罗马柱进行纯几何的解构与重组,堆叠呈现出现代感的雕塑哑铃。在赋予“哑铃”更强烈装饰感和表现力的同时,对于精控重量、重心配平、抗冲击性...是背后反复平衡的必要条件。让哑铃能够作为点缀生活趣味与美感的显眼陪伴,而不再仅仅是被刻意收纳或隐藏的器械,那些对美好状态的向往与努力都值得被看到,枯燥的日常锻炼其实可以变得更有趣和诗意。


    How to make fitness gracefully and blatantly appear in people’s life is what Frank Chou attempts this time. In classical column types, there fused natural lines of human body and delivers an atmosphere of majestic and elegance through simple lines.


    As a tool for modern people to pursue healthy and beauty, Bibelot absorbs the inspirations from the structure and morph of columns. By means of a geometric deconstruction and reorganisation of the Roman Columns, it is piled into a modern sculptural dumbbell. While giving dumbbell a stronger value of decoration and expression, it is also necessary to take into account of the balance among weight, gravity, impact resistance and others. A dumbbell can be used as a conspicuous companion to light up the interest and beauty of life, rather than a device alone that is deliberately stored or hidden in the corners. Those yearning and efforts for a better state of life are worth seeing. Boring daily exercise could actually become more interesting and poetic.






    Mirra 哑铃



    FRANK CHOU COLLECTION同时也与时尚品牌Short Sentences合作,融入了品牌2022秋冬标志性的针织元素,联合推出了特别版本——Mirra。织物柔软的质地与对撞的色彩激发出一种基于Bibelot本身特质外的独特个性。同时,Mirra特别利用了成衣系列的剩余库存,以达到更环保的考量。

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